Prompt engineering ourselves, or Several More Ways To Trick Ourselves Into Thinking More Good Once Again.

(If you haven’t read part 1, click here.)

It’s been maybe a few days since I first wrote about prompt-engineering ourselves. Here are some interesting ones I’ve heard of since then:

  • “How are you gonna achieve your 5 year plan in the next 6 months?” -thanks to louis02x. I find it easy to accept delays as just a way of life, but noticing when you can do things fast is often important, sometimes literally a matter of life and death! Such as, for example, helping people get to vaccines during a pandemic!

  • For people who stress themselves out but pretend everything’s ok: “Imagine you are a stressed zoo animal that can’t communicate why it’s stressed. If you’re a zookeeper, what would you try to help the animal?” -thanks to S

  • “gratitude practice has parallels to exploiting glitches in a video game. OK, it’s the worst day of your life, but find something to be grateful for and feel grateful. OK, it’s the tank cliffs level, but ignore the tank, just jump straight off the cliff.” -thanks to bashu_thanks